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Our Mission:

“When one person stands to gain over another, the facts must be uncovered.”

We believe the essential role of a survey company is to discover and present the facts. We are not the mediator. Attorneys and other professionals can discuss the implications of the facts that we discover.  Decisions can be made after the facts are known, but someone has to be willing to discover the truth for you and your unique situation. That is why you need a licensed professional land surveyor to do the work and tell you the truth.

If you live in Texas, keep in mind our great state has been under the rule of six different sovereigns, each with equally complex legal principles. Kerr Surveying uses the most modern surveying tools and technology along with application of Texas boundary law principles to give you the confidence you need.

We take pride in the accuracy of information our work produces on every job and would like to be the land surveyor you turn to for any land surveying need, whether public or private. We offer professional survey work and understand the importance of getting your land survey done right and on time.

At Kerr Surveying LLC, we strive for professional accuracy with fast, professional service. When you need a land survey call us today at (979) 268-3195 for a free estimate.

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