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Every development project in College Station Texas begins by using Topographic Surveyors to provide appropriate confirmation of the landholding on which any development will be carried out.

Work is unable to begin until Topographic Surveyors have completed their assignment which could include:

  • Factual readings to outline land perimeters.
  • Investigation of prior surveys and landholding documents.
  • ID’ing any landholding limitations.
  • Preparing any necessary reports.

The Topographic Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have been serving clients in College Station Texas with a variety of land jobs for almost three and a half decades.

So why use Topographic Surveyors with Kerr Surveying LLC for your project in College Station Texas?

  • Expertise - Our Topographic Surveyors have extensive experience and learning.
  • All-Purpose - Kerr Surveying LLC surveys everything from small homes to huge commercial building worksites.
  • Established – We have worked in the general vicinity of College Station Texas for a long time – and will still be at this location when you require our services.

Whether or not your project is large or small-scale, Kerr Surveying LLC provides the identical skilled job results expected from professional Topographic Surveyors.

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