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Whenever you are seeking Residential As-Built Surveys for development work or the sale of land, it is essential to choose a surveying company with experience and a background of work accuracy and reliability.

For those living in Hearne Texas, that dependable surveying company is Kerr Surveying LLC!

Kerr Surveying LLC can answer your questions about Residential As-Built Surveys in Hearne Texas.

Why is Kerr Surveying LLC a popular choice to conduct Residential As-Built Surveys?

  • Licensed, proficient, and trained surveyors to perform the survey work.
  • State-of-the-art surveying instruments to guarantee dependable preciseness.
  • Has carried out Residential As-Built Surveys for worksites in Hearne Texas for nearly 35 years!

Regardless of what particular Residential As-Built Surveys you need, Kerr Surveying LLC is equipped to effectively handle the job.

Kerr Surveying LLC is ready to conduct precise Residential As-Built Surveys for clientele in Hearne Texas right away!

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