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Every development project in College Station Texas starts by using NSPS Land Title Surveyors to supply proper information of the land where any development will be done.

An assignment cannot commence before NSPS Land Title Surveyors have done their task which could be made up of:

  • Accurate measurements to identify land perimeters.
  • Investigation of prior surveying and landholding accounts.
  • Determining any property restrictions.
  • Preparing any required reports.

The NSPS Land Title Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have been serving customers in College Station Texas with various real estate assignments for going on three and a half decades.

Why employ NSPS Land Title Surveyors with Kerr Surveying LLC for your job in College Station Texas?

  • Proficient - Our NSPS Land Title Surveyors have considerable experience and learning.
  • Multifaceted - Kerr Surveying LLC surveys everything from small residences to large commercial construction locations.
  • Well-known – We have surveyed all around College Station Texas since we opened our doors – and will continue to be right here if you need us.

Whether or not your assignment is massive or modest, Kerr Surveying LLC provides the same identical professional work expected from professional NSPS Land Title Surveyors.

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