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Any development job in Caldwell Texas begins with the use of Commercial Land Surveyors to deliver proper confirmation of the property on which any development will be performed.

A project cannot start until Commercial Land Surveyors have finished their task which might include:

  • Accurate readings to identify land boundaries.
  • Examination of prior surveys and landholding documents.
  • Identification of any property limitations.
  • Preparing any required documents.

The Commercial Land Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have helped customers in Caldwell Texas with a variety of land jobs for nearly thirty-five years.

So why hire Commercial Land Surveyors with Kerr Surveying LLC for your job in Caldwell Texas?

  • Proficient - Our Commercial Land Surveyors have extensive experience and education.
  • All-Purpose - Kerr Surveying LLC does surveying of everything from small-scale homes to huge commercial development locations.
  • Well-known – We have surveyed in and around Caldwell Texas ever since we began – and will be right here whenever you need surveying work done.

Whether or not your assignment is big or small-scale, Kerr Surveying LLC furnishes the same identical skilled service expected from qualified Commercial Land Surveyors.

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