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Every development job in College Station Texas begins with the use of As-Built Surveyors to supply applicable confirmation of the landholding where any building will be performed.

An assignment is unable to commence until As-Built Surveyors have finished their job which might incorporate:

  • Accurate readings to outline property boundaries.
  • Investigation of prior surveys and property records.
  • ID’ing any land restrictions.
  • Preparing any necessary documentation.

The As-Built Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have helped clientele in College Station Texas with various real estate projects for going on thirty-five years.

Why employ As-Built Surveyors from Kerr Surveying LLC for your job in College Station Texas?

  • Expertise - Our As-Built Surveyors have extensive skill and learning.
  • Versatile - Kerr Surveying LLC does surveying of everything from small homes to huge business development jobsites.
  • Established – We have worked in and around College Station Texas since we opened our doors – and will be here if you need us.

Whether your job is massive or small, Kerr Surveying LLC provides the identical expert work expected from qualified As-Built Surveyors.

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