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Each and every building project in College Station Texas starts by using As-Built Surveyors to provide proper information of the property on which any building will be done.

A project will not start till As-Built Surveyors have finished their assignment which might incorporate:

  • Accurate measurements to identify property limits.
  • Examination of previous surveying and property records.
  • Determining any property constraints.
  • Creating any necessary reports.

The As-Built Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have helped clientele in College Station Texas with numerous property jobs for nearly thirty-five years.

So why use As-Built Surveyors with Kerr Surveying LLC for your project in College Station Texas?

  • Expertise - Our As-Built Surveyors have comprehensive skill and education.
  • All-Purpose - Kerr Surveying LLC surveys anything from small-scale residences to immense business development jobsites.
  • Well-known – We have worked in and around College Station Texas for a long time – and will be right here whenever you need us.

Whether or not your assignment is large or modest, Kerr Surveying LLC provides the identical skilled service expected from professional As-Built Surveyors.

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