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Every development assignment in Bryan Texas kicks off by using As-Built Surveyors to supply proper confirmation of the land on which any development will be done.

An assignment will not commence until As-Built Surveyors have completed their task which could include:

  • Detailed readings to establish property perimeters.
  • Investigation of earlier surveying and landholding records.
  • Identification of any property constraints.
  • Preparing any requisite reports.

The As-Built Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have been serving clients in Bryan Texas with various real estate projects for almost 35 years.

So why employ As-Built Surveyors with Kerr Surveying LLC for your assignment in Bryan Texas?

  • Experience - Our As-Built Surveyors have considerable skill and education.
  • Versatile - Kerr Surveying LLC surveys everything from small homes to large commercial building locations.
  • Well-known – We have surveyed in the general vicinity of Bryan Texas for a long time – and will continue to be here when you need us.

No matter if your project is massive or small-scale, Kerr Surveying LLC furnishes the same identical skilled service one would expect from qualified As-Built Surveyors.

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