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Any development project in College Station Texas begins with the use of Architectural As-Built Surveyors to deliver appropriate confirmation of the land on which any development will be performed.

Building cannot commence until Architectural As-Built Surveyors have completed their assignment which might be made up of:

  • Factual calculations to outline surface boundaries.
  • Investigation of previous surveying and landholding records.
  • Identification of any landholding restrictions.
  • Preparing any required reports.

The Architectural As-Built Surveyors at Kerr Surveying LLC have helped clients in College Station Texas with numerous real estate projects for going on thirty-five years.

Why hire Architectural As-Built Surveyors from Kerr Surveying LLC for your assignment in College Station Texas?

  • Expertise - Our Architectural As-Built Surveyors have considerable proficiency and learning.
  • Versatile - Kerr Surveying LLC does surveying of anything from little homes to immense commercial development sites.
  • Established – We have done work in the general vicinity of College Station Texas since we opened our doors – and will be here if you need us.

No matter if your project is massive or small-scale, Kerr Surveying LLC provides the identical expert work one would expect from professional Architectural As-Built Surveyors.

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